Duct Leakage Testing

An important test for improving your family’s health, safety and energy savings.


Leaky air ducts are a health concern because they can pull in and distribute chemical fumes, insulation particles, dust, pet hair and more from any room into another. This can particularly affect people or pets with asthma or allergy problems.  They are also a safety concern because they can draw combustible gases from water heaters, furnaces, clothes dryers and other appliances into any room in your home.  Finally, leaky air ducts are a financial concern, because poorly sealed air ducts can reduce your heating and cooling systems’ efficiency by more than 20%.

Get Green Home Improvements is certified to perform duct leakage testing, duct sealing and duct insulating upgrades.


FREE Retest Following Our Retrofit

Once our certified technicians repair any duct leaks, we will conduct another duct leakage test free of charge. This will demonstrate the vast improvement you will gain for your family’s health, safety and financial well-being.


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