Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is one of the most crucial components

of a comfortable, energy efficient home. Just like a

hat keeps you warm in the winter, good insulation in

your attic keeps your home cozy throughout the cool

months. It will also keep your home cooler in the

summer, and offers a number of other benefits as

well. But not all attic insulation is equal. In fact, in

many North American homes, lumpy or inconsistently

applied attic insulation and air leaks in the attic floor

compromise the integrity of the insulation material -

leading to high heating and cooling bills, drafty rooms, and an uncomfortable indoor environment.


Attic Insulation Specialists

At Get Green, our certified and experienced energy efficiency and insulation specialists are trained to evaluate current levels of insulation in order to determine how effective an upgrade would be. During the time of installation, moreover, we emphasize high quality installation paired with air sealing efforts to ensure that the insulation we install is as effective as it can be. This is critically important in an attic insulation job, and one of the many things that sets Get Green Home Improvements apart from the competition.


Attic Insulation: Comfort, Efficiency, Sustainability

The result of an attic insulation upgrade with Get Green is a home that is more comfortable, more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly. While financial savings will vary from house to house, it's not unusual for a homeowner to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually on heating and cooling costs as a result of an attic insulation upgrade.

And that's just the financial side. Additionally, your home will be more comfortable than it has ever been, with warmer rooms in the winter and cooler rooms in the summer. Your home will also have a reduced environmental impact, burning fewer fossil fuels and creating fewer carbon emissions.

For most attic insulation upgrades, we recommend cellulose insulation as an affordable, effective and environmentally friendly insulation material.


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