Attic Inspections

Whether it's the summer or the winter a correctly ventilated attic can maximize your home comfort, as well as reduce your expenses.


  • How well your roof cools in the summer

  • How well your furnace or air conditioner moderates indoor temperatures

  • How well your fresh indoor air circulates

  • How well your roofing materials resist rusting and rotting

  • …and more


Of course, holes or cracks on the surface or at the edges of your roof not only waste energy costs – they can also allow pests and water damage inside your home.  That’s why Get Green requires a complete attic ventilation inspection as part of every home energy audit. It is why inspections of this type shouldn’t wait for you to see a loose shingle – and also why you should call us rather than a construction contractor who doesn't have Get Green's home energy certifications.


FREE Retest Following Our Retrofit

Once our certified technicians retrofit your home with required sealants and insulation, we will retest your home free of charge.

You will see for yourself how much of your energy costs were going right out the roof.  And you will see a lower monthly energy bill for many years to come!


Start saving by scheduling your Home Energy Audit today! Call us at 914-213-0353